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Yamada Akihiro’s Twelve Kingdoms Calendar 2015.

Go ha-ha.
Go ha-ha.
   Hey guys! There are less than two months left this year. It’s getting colder in my town.
   By the way, Shinchōsha released Yamada Akihiro’s Twelve Kingdoms Calendar 2015, which is available at stores in Japan only but you can buy it from despite your address. I don’t care that you buy it or not (^o^). So, jump to the page from the right image. It’s not very expensive, ¥1,950. I think it is a kind of book, so its shipping rates is less than ¥1,000 or so.
   The calendar is made of seven sheets.

  • Cover : A new illustlation
  • Jan & Feb : A new illustlation
  • Mar & Apr : From “Kasho no Yume (華胥の幽夢)”
  • May & Jun : From “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”
  • Jul & Aug : From “Tonan no Tsubasa (図南の翼)”
  • Sep & Oct : From “Tasogare no Kishi Akatsuki no Sora (黄昏の岸暁の天)”
  • Nov & Dec : From “Twelve Kingdoms day’s gift”

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