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Late autumn makes my heart quiet and lonely.

Moon and clouds.
Moon and clouds
   Today is November 1st. Just two months remain in this year. I was thinking about such things and re-read my blog posts, then I found the right picture. It reminded me of the following poet by 王維 (Chinese : Wáng Wéi, Japanese : Ōi). The title is 竹里館, 竹里館 literally means bamboo village mansion.

  • Rough translation of the poem
    Sitting alone in the thick bamboo-grove
    Playing a koto and reciting a poem with a resonant voice
    Nobody knows me that hiding in the deep grove
    Only Moon visiting and lighting me

明 深 弾 獨
月 林 琴 坐
來 人 復 幽
相 不 長 篁
照 知 嘯 裏

   If you read the poem, read top to bottom and right to left.

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