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Today’s bird – 10 poses of Hiyodori.


   I took these photos from the upstairs window of my house. It’s a Hiyodori(鵯). It didn’t show inclination to fly away probably because it is very busy preening. Do you think it’s funny and cute?

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Very cute this Hiyodori. It’ seems very busy cleaning its plumage. Great pictures!
I never see a Bulbul “in person”. In fact I don’t even know if there are such birds in my country.(A quick search in wikipedia suggests that there aren’t). Here you can see a lot of balckbirds busy extracting worms from the earth. Cute little sparrows that are very friendly and love take dust baths. And swallows, of course, which chitchat night and day in their nests just under the roof. The swallows are very fascinating, they are really loyal to their nest and seeing them return every year is somehow quite reassuring ^^

> A quick search in wikipedia suggests that there aren’t
Hiyodori mainly live in the East Asia. The hiyodori looked very comfortable on the branch. I think it is its favorite branch.

What are the balckbirds?

Here we also see sparrows and swallows. I feel a number of sparrows have decreased since about several decades ago though we can see them easily still now.

It’s my mispelling!!! Sorry I meant Blackbird (Tordus merula).To think that I’ve also checked the correct word in english ^^. Here it’s called “merlo” and it’s well know for its amazing birdsong and its friendly and showy personality. Also here there are a LOT fewer sparrows than the past, mainly due to the increased number of carrion crows that like robbing the little bird nests.At least this is what people say. Surely there are a lot more crow around, recenly.

Is Blackbird this? This is rare in Japan. I have never seen it. I think its yellow bill in all black body is cute.

> Surely there are a lot more crow around, recently.
Yes, I agree with you. Probably these things are also our (i.e. human beings) faults.

Yes it’s it! Here is very common see this blue-black guy jumping on the ground picking the soil with his yellow bill in search for earthworms or sitting on a branch flipping his long tail up and down while looking curiously at everything. They (the males) love sitting on open, high perch like a rooftop at twilight to sing. They say that its birdsong is at the same lavel of the nightingale’s. I never properly heard a nightingale singing but a blackbird singing is quite fascinating. They are friendly and very smart.
Well yes I think this crow invasion is somehow human fault. More they are onnivore, not specializated, smart and quite aggressive so they usually prevail on the smaller or more specializated birds.

Hey, Shizuka!!
I was looking for Blackbird and Nightingale songs on YouTube (^o^). Here you are. Blackbird Song. Nightingale Song. Their songs are beautiful!!

Now I want to add a Japanese bird named Uguisu to them. This bird position for the Japanese is similar the Nightingale position for the European. Uguisu Song. I love his song.

Silly me ^o^ I never thought of youtube for searching birdsongs! They really are amazing! They say that blackbirds can imitate a lot other birds (and nightingales of course) and even human voice. They also say that blackbirds enjoy singing per-se.
Uguisu with its puffy shape is very cute, also its singing is amazing. I’ve read in wikipedia that is called Japanese nighthingale even if it’s not really related to nightingales. it’s also a symbol for spring (like swallows here). And there are a lot of poetry about it!And you can have a taste of its singing ( in the english version of the same wikipedia article). Another bit of information to understand better you wonderful country ^^

Yes, YouTube has a lot of bird songs. It’s fabulous. What a convenient world! (^o^)

> you can have a taste of its singing
Oh! Have you had it? Unfortunately they have audios only. So I brought you a video on YouTube.

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