Updating Apache because of OpenSSL Security Advisory [05 Jun].

Update information      Edit(Jun.9)

   I updated my Apache 2.4.9 to 2014 5 Jun version because of OpenSSL Security Advisory [05 Jun]..

   It is built with ‘IPv6 Crypto apr-1.5.0 apr-util-1.5.3 apr-iconv-1.2.1 openssl-1.0.1h zlib-1.2.8 pcre-8.34 libxml2-2.9.1 lua-5.1.5 expat-2.1.0’. Its Changelog.

   I really appreciate Steffen’s hard and quick work. Thanks again, Steffen.

   I found this on the Net, so linked to it as a reference.
OpenSSL Patches Critical Vulnerabilities Two Months After Heartbleed

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