Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720 ???


   Now we have June. On Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720 they announced “Changes in Windows Authenticode Signature Verification”, and the Advisory was first published at 10 Dec. 2013. They said “The change is included with Security Bulletin MS13-098, but will not be enabled until June 11, 2014.” and suggested this actions.

   So I tested my PCs by “EnableCertPaddingCheck”=”1”, the PCs are a CF-J10(Win7 HP Sp1 64bit), an NJ2100(Win8 Pro 32bit), xw4200(Win7 HP Sp1 32bit) and KeyPaso(Vista Business SP2 32bit). But I have no troubles right now. Do you know what environments give me troubles under enabling CertPaddingCheck?

   By the way, I found Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720 was Updated on 21 May 2014 and the enabling date changed from June 11 to August 12.

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