Another information about ~-#7.

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It’s been a long time. Are you well?

> I still like the old version better but this one it’s so sweet!

Oh, good! The girl of the cover illustration is a Sairin(采麟). In the anime she appears around No.26 or No.27(風の万里黎明の空 四章・五章) and looks older at the time. She serves two Shujō (主上) as well as Yōko(陽子)’s kirin.

I know! I read Eugene Woodbury’s translation. It’s a really nice book with beautiful stories, although Kasho makes you feel terrible at some points.
Things are still a bit shaky around here, but I’m ok.

Oh, you read Eugene Woodbury’s translation. So, is your old version this illustration?

My old is this. Very dark and abstract.

I am slightly relieved to hear your OK.

That really is different! Very abstract indeed.
I prefer the drawings by Akihiro Yamada (山田 章博). They are just beautiful, and give me such a nice idea of the story and the 12K world.

Ono sensei changed the publisher of the 12 kokuki series but did not change the illustrator. Both the old and the new cover illustrations were drawn by Yamadaさん.

Actually the old Kōdansha version has two editions. One is X文庫ホワイトハート版 and another is 文庫版. I read 文庫版. The abstract cover is from 文庫版.

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