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Tonight is “Otsukimi”, soooo beautiful Full moon.

   Hi, guys!! This year’s “Otsukimi” is come. Today, we have very very clear sky, so, we can see soooooooooooooo beautiful Full moon. We hold Otsukimi(お月見) on 15th of August by our old calendar(旧暦).

   I took its picture. And I remember a child song “月(moon)” like this.

  1. Detadeta tsukiga
    出た出た 月が
    Maruimarui manmarui
    丸い丸い まん丸い
    Bonnoyōna tsukiga
    盆のような 月が
  2. Kakureta kumoni
    隠れた 雲に
    Kuroikuroi makkuroi
    黒い黒い まっ黒い
    Suminoyōna kumoni
    墨のような 雲に
  3. Matadeta tsukiga
    また出た 月が
    Maruimarui manmarui
    丸い丸い まん丸い
    Bonnoyōna tsukiga
    盆のような 月が

   If you want, listen to the song.   
   If your browser doesn’t support audio tags, please download and listen!!

   In second Lyrics, he is covered with thick clouds. But, this has never happened tonight. Who is he? He is the moon. Don’t think it is my mistake. In Japan the god of moon is a man named 月讀命(Tsukuyomi no mikoto). (^^)

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woooow! there are so many traditions in japan that seem really amazing, most of the time i wish i had been born in japan. i like my country, don’t get me wrong. but there are so many traditions that are forgotten, i love that japan still know there traditions, it is part of the culture and some people still practice. the people in my country keep forgetting our customes and traditions and are borrowing traditions from usa, so frustrating….
thanks for sharing the song, so beautiful :’)


The situations are not only your country but also my country. In Japan, we are also forgetting our own traditions than before. Though to keep them is very difficult in Japan today where the people are so busy, I want not to forget our traditions if possible.

> thanks for sharing the song, so beautiful :’)

Actually, it’s my voice. (^^;)

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