The translation of “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, Third Edition.

   Yesterday, I released the translation of “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, Third Edition. I think this edition has more reader-friendly English because Delonix helped me so much. He is so kind as to have offered me some help for my translating. We’ve worked together since June 17.

   I posted the article about the difficulty of my translation, and the person like him is very helpful to such a situation. He is not like a helicopter parent but like a good parent. He told me a lot of points to be corrected. He does not only blame my translation, but gives the alternatives.

   I really appreciate his help. We completed our mission. If the result makes you happy, which will make me happy. (^^)

   In addition, Delonix has a site on Flickr, and you can see beautiful flowers on it.

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That’s awesome! congrats 🙂 i’ve been out of tune for a while, but i’m really happy for you. You worked hard and not only got experience, but also achieved your goal 🙂

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