“Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)” and “Fūshin (風信)”

   The day before yesterday I finally had the book 「丕緒の鳥」, and got to the end on the same day.

  • “Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)”
    A story about a man, who is a minor national public official of En (雁), struggles to do his duty for saving his people and his country. This is the story around the time when Shōryū (尚隆) ascended the throne.

    By the way, Ono sensei wrote 青条 resembled 白条 except petal’s color. 白条? What is it? I searched 白条 and 白條. Because 条 was used as one of nonstandard characters of 條 in the past. Ono sensei also wrote 白条 had a orchid-like flower and was used as a medicine. After my searching, I found only 白條參 in Bencao Gangmu (本草綱目). It has a character 參, so I think it is a kind of Ginseng. Ginseng’s flower doesn’t resemble orchids’. 白条 might be purely Ono sensei’s imagination.

    Therefore, I translate “青条の蘭” into “The Blue Orchids” without standing on it has lines or not.

  • “Fūshin (風信)”
    A story about a girl named Renka (蓮花) (Ins:Jul/9), who lives in Kei (慶) and was orphaned by Ruler Yo (予)’s insane issue.

    By the way, I was going to translate “風信” into “Rumors” or “The letter” before I read it. After I finished to read it, I think it is not good. 風信 has other kind of meaning, for example, the wind direction. I wrote the post that “It depends on the story.”, and now I think it is better to translate “風信” into “Which way is the wind blowing?”.

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Hi O6asan,

I’m interested in that story (“Fūshin (風信)”). When i read

>A story about a girl, who lives in Kei (慶) and was orphaned by Ruler Yo (予)’s insane issue.

I thought of Rangyoku and her brother although I hope it has a nice ending for her 🙂

Bye bye

Oh! gkatar,
I’m so sorry I carelessly wrote something to mislead you.

I think there are a lot of girls and women like Rangyoku by Ruler Yo (予)’s insane issue. The name of the leading girl of the “Fūshin (風信)” is Renka (蓮花:meaning = Lotus flower).

Hi O6asan,

>I’m so sorry I carelessly wrote something to mislead you.

Don’t worry. I just thought of Rangyoku, Youko still remember her in The shore in twilight.
Yes, I think you are right there must be a lot of girls like her because of Yo’s politics.

Thank you for translating Ono Fuyumi’s stories 🙂


I think Renka is younger than Rangyoku. She has neither sisters nor brothers. Unlike Rangyoku, she stayed in Kei during catastrophe.

> Thank you for translating Ono Fuyumi’s stories 🙂

You are welcome. To translate into English is to learn English for me, though I always have a lot of difficulties about my translation. So I think the readers of mine must feel difficult to read.

It would be normal my English vocabulary is much poorer than my Japanese one. When I write my article in English, I use words from my English vocabulary. But, when I translate a story, I cannot do it. Many words I don’t know in English appear in the story. Besides, my grammar. These things give me difficulties. Sigh.

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