Memorandum #2.


   Some notes for my memory.

  1. About Apache.
    I forgot to add “ServerTokens” to my httpd.conf. So, I’ve done it today, “ServerTokens Prod”.
  2. About FireFox.
    FireFox has a feature “network.prefetch-next”. Its default value is true. If I access a site infected a malware, the feature might bring something bad to my PC. So, I changed its value from true to false. You can find “network.prefetch-next” by “about:config”.

    Another FireFox feature “plugins.click_to_play” value I changed from false to true.

    Maybe these two are my imaginary fears, ha-ha.

  3. About WordPress.
    They released WordPress 3.5.2. It is a security and maintenance release. I download and update by manual. I cannot use automatic update on my server because the update page does not show Japanese version. Why doesn’t the page show the latest Japanese version? I think I run my WordPress as a Multisite and its default language is English. Anyway, I always update my WordPress by manual.

    Nothing in particular. But, I found the file swfupload-all.js was deleted.

    I take this occasion to update to phpMyAdmin4.0.4.

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