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Tsukushi(土筆), seri(芹) and sakura(桜).

   Today, I show you my typical pleasures in spring. Two for my mouth, one for my eyes.

   In Japanese, we call Equisetum arvense スギナ, and its bud 土筆. We don’t eat スギナ, but, eat 土筆 as a vegetable in spring. I took a photo of them I saw at ridges of rice fields. These 土筆 are short and look older for me. I prefer younger 土筆 which are slightly bitter because of their spores.

   We also eat as a vegetable. The photo is the dish called 白和え. 白和え is like a salad dressed with tofu, white sesame, and miso.

   And well-known 桜.

   They are my pleasures in spring. But, this spring has brought a trouble to me, too. Allergy symptoms such as a runny nose and sneezing. Sigh.


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