I went to Basque. #8

My trip to Basque-#8   On Oct. 25th.
   This day was only for moving, but a better thing than when I departed my house was I had not to get up so early. Because we were going to leave the hotel for the Bilbao airport at 10:30, I got up around 7:30 and ate my breakfast as usual. At the breakfast, I had mamia which was recommended by our tour conductor, who had asked some mamia to the hotel staff for us. After it, I wanted to go a walk around the hotel, but gave up because of raining.

border-sign   It took about two hours from the hotel in Biarritz to the airport in Bilbao. On our way to the airport, we were across the French-Spanish border. Both France and Spain are member states of EU, so we need no formalities to cross their border. There is just a roadside sign like the right image. When I went from Spain to France, I failed to take the photo of it. So I wanted to do it on the way from France, but I failed again, oops!!

   At the airport, though we had a long time checking our suitcases due to crowded counters, other than that, everything did fine. We were leaving from Bilbao for Frankfurt on time (2:25p.m.). We had about 4.5 hours for connecting flight to Narita at Frankfurt Airport. Whew!!

   Nowadays, we can use free WiFi at almost every airport, of course, we must be careful about the network security, though. For example, at Narita Airport we can use it with no time restriction and only need our email address for our registration, the email address can be accepted even if it is a free mail address. At Frankfurt Airport, you can use free Wifi, too. But, it is only 30 minutes a day. Besides, you need PIN code. For having the PIN code, you have to send your country code and your cellphone number from the registration page. And then, they send back 6 digits PIN code to your cellphone like this.

Ihre PIN f~r 30 Minuten Internet bei FraPort lautet: xxxxxx
Ein Hotline-Anruf kostet 9 ct aus dem Netz der Deutschen Telekom. Mobilkosten abweichend.

   This is very first time for me at airports. Is it a common registration style for free WiFi at other airports?

   Still today, very long distance exists between Europe and Japan. Actually, it was slightly after 23:30 on 26th, Japan time, when I arrived at home.

   The End.

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