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Golf stroke counter.

   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, I bought a golf stroke counter for my swimming. Why? I can’t remember how many meters I swim. I think it was O.K. about it when I was young. Sigh.

   So I need a counter or something. The counter I bought is very cheap. I was ready for that before having it, but the real one is beyond my expectation. I am very downcast. I live with it for my swimming though.

   It has simple mechanism. It has only button, no reset button, and no battery. I need to change its count manually. It’s not waterproof but it has no battery, so it’s O.K. even if it gets wet. This is the reason I chose it.

   The image looks too good than the real one. (´ω`)・・

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