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My handwriting.

   Nowadays, when I write something, I usually use a digital equipment like a computer. I don’t hand-write very often. How is your case?

   A few people visit my blog by key-wording ‘japanese writing style’, ‘manuscript japanese’ or something. What do they want to know really? Though I have no idea about it, I’ve decided the following thing.

   Japanese traditionally respect the person who can write a good hand. I do NOT have a good hand. But, for visitors’ convenient, I will post my handwriting as the images. Maybe this post will satisfy a few visitors on some level.

   One of the images I wrote vertically, the other I did horizontally. The material of the handwriting is from the original of this translation.

   The sheet is a piece of the notebook. When I hand-write something, I usually use a ball-point pen or a pencil. I like a fountain pen and an ink brush, but I don’t use them very often. The sheet has horizontal ruled lines. When I write vertically, I rotate the paper 90 degrees. Usually Japanese write something, we use at least Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. In some cases, we additionally use Alphabet.

   Now, I’ll show you my handwriting. Voilà!!

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You know? I have always been fascinated by asian writing, well maybe asian is saying a little too much. I mean chinese, korean and japanese.
The occidental alphabet is more simple. In comparison every… kanji? symbols? in your writing looks more elaborate, kind of artistic. It most be really hard to learn to write and read in your lenguague and get every symbol right.
For the record, I do like the way you write, specially towards the end of the lines. It looks less crumpled. My handwriting is awful, since I was a child my teachers tried to make me write better, but I never could “drop my hand”, which is a way of saying that my hand never got light enough to write nicely, Am I making any sense?
Anyway, still today I write a lot by hand, with pencils or pens (we never use ink brushes to write, like I said, your writing is closer to an art that ours), like to fill forms or take notes. But if I’m making any kind of document or work I make sure to use a computer.
I would never post a picture of my hand writing, so good for you!

Hi Delonix,

> I would never post a picture of my hand writing, so good for you!

My handwriting is not good, either. If Japanese look at the images, they probably wonder why this blogger uploaded them which are not good. However, non-Japanese don’t have a lot of chance to see hand-writings by the Japanese today, then, the post has some worth, I think. So, some of my readers are interested in the post, like you, it’s my pleasure.

The Japanese today don’t use ink brushes so often in their daily life. But some situation, when we need to write in the traditional way, we happen to use. It is very different from a western ink brush, like this. And we have a convenient fake ink brush for the busy present-day life. (^o^)   It has a function like a fountain pen.

I guess you’re right. If I knew more japanese hand-writing maybe I would think different of yours. But since you were the one to post the images you get a lot of credit.
Cool brushes! Good for you to always update your tools even for the more traditional tasks, like traditional writing.

> Cool brushes!

Yeah. I think so, too.
BTW, in Japan the new edition of 魔性の子 has been released. It’s the first one of the entire series of Juuni kokuki by 新潮社. Sorry, all in Japanese only.

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