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Press Day 2011

   One of TBS programs, 「報道の日2011」, was very interesting. It was broadcast from 8:00 to 22:54(JST) and had four parts.

   I only watched from 14:40 to 17:00. But it made me exhausted. It was a part of third part which was 14:25 to 19:25.

   Third part content was the videos of March 11th. And they re-edited all their files in chronological order and broadcasted in real time. So, I, for the first time, watched the videos which had been shot between the earthquake caming and the tsunami reaching.

   Knowing that it may sound imprudent, I felt very proud of the buildings of Japan being really strong. In spite of such a violent earthquake, on the videos I could scarcely see broken buildings before the tsunami attacking.

   If the tsunami had not attacked, the number of its victims would have decreased very much.

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