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About SearchMaxResults.

   I uploaded “Rakushō no Goku No.21″on May 30. And it gave me a trouble. Why? I had made a link for searching on my English blog’s right sidebar and the top page. It is the link which gives you all posts of “Rakushō no Goku” in ascending order, when you click it. But its limit is 20 posts.

   Though I changed 20 into 40 to remedy in the link, it didn’t work because default set value of “SearchMaxResults” was very strong.
   I made a question at Movable Type Forums and had an answer from Nick. By his advice, I wrote “SearchMaxResults 40” in my mt-config.cgi file. It worked, but I had another problem. This change reflected to all of the results by mt-search.cgi. What I want is only to work when I use the link as an external one.

   So, yesterday I searched for the tag <$mt:SearchMaxResults$> in my template files. I found them in two places, at Search and Syndication Widgets. I rewrote <$mt:SearchMaxResults$> => 20. Finally, the link has functioned as expected. 🙂

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