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Update #15.

    On May 25th, Movable Type 5.1 was released. So I upgraded my MT, and I used this opportunity to some updates, too.

  • How to update
    1. Unzip
    2. Stop apache httpd
    3. Copy all the files over, except my .conf files
    4. Start apache httpd
    5. Probably, I needn’t ‘Stop apache’. But I swear I need ‘Restart’. 😛

  • How to update mysql-5.5.10-win32.msi
                   ————> mysql-5.5.12-win32.msi
    1. Just double click the msi file
  • How to update
    1. Unzip
    2. Copy all the files over, except my
  • How to update ImageMagick-6.6.7-10-Q16-windows-dll.exe
                  ————> ImageMagick-6.7.0-0-Q16-windows-dll.exe
    1. Uninstall ImageMagick-6.6.7-4-Q16-windows-dll.exe
    2. Install ImageMagick-6.7.0-0-Q16-windows-dll.exe
    3. Reboot Windows   <——————– This is very important.
  • How to update
    1. Unzip
    2. Overwrite curl.exe and libeay32.dll of C:PHP
  • How to update
    1. Change the folder name ‘MTOS-5.04-en’ to ‘MT’
    2. Rewrite the first line of all cgi files from ‘#!/usr/bin/perl -w’ to ‘#!C:/perl/bin/perl -w’
    3. Copy my mt-config.cgi into the new ‘MT’
    4. Copy my old ‘mt-staticsupport’ over new ‘mt-staticsupport’
    5. Copy my old ‘mt-staticthemesmine’ into new ‘mt-staticthemes’
    6. Replace old ‘MT’ and ‘mt-static’ to new ones
    7. Access http://mydomain/cgi-bin/MT/mt.cgi and upgrade
    8. Delete mt-config.cgi-original, mt-upgrade.cgi, mt-check.cgi and mt-wizard.cgi for security

I forgot to write about “Entry Summary” in Template Modules.
        I removed next six lines from “Entry Summary”.
             <mt:If tag=”EntryMore” convert_breaks=”0″>
                     <div class=”asset-more-link”>
                           Continue reading <a href=”<$mt:EntryPermalink$>
                           #more” rel=”bookmark”><$mt:EntryTitle$></a>.

Edit2(May 27): I forgot to take care of “MT-Akismet”. So I’ve done it.

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