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My server’s update note (MT4—>MT5)

Today, I update from MT4 to MT5.

  1. I use this opportunity to do the following four points.
    • I encounter the following error in the Apache’s error log. So I add
      a line “Win32DisableAcceptEx” at “mpm_winnt_module” in the httpd.conf.
      winnt_accept: AcceptEx failed.
    • I also encounter the following warning in the Apache’s error
      log after installing php5.3.1. So I change a line ‘;date.timezone =””‘
      to ‘date.timezone =”string $timezone_identifier”‘ in the php.ini.
      PHP Warning: date()
    • Download mysql-5.1.42-win32.msi from Install it with previous configuration.
    • Download ImageMagick-6.5.8-10-Q16-windows-dll.exe from Install it with previous configuration.
      After that, I have to reboot my windows system. <—-This is very important.
  2. Download from <<---You can download the latest version.
    • Extract zip file and rename MTOS-5.01-en to MT.
    • Move MT to D:\WEB\cgi-bin.
    • Rewrite the first line of all cgi files as my server environment.
    • Move mt-static to D:\WEB\example.
    • Move the old mt-config.cgi into new MT folder.
    • To upgrade MovableType, access
    • Access Delete mt-check.cgi and mt-wizard.cgi for security reason.
    • For my original Blog template, move the folder I need into D:\WEB\example\mt-static\themes.
    • Move my “mt_logo.png” into D:\WEB\example\mt-static\images\comment

   After updating, I have a trouble about “Tag Cloud”. I posted about my problem to the MT forum. A contributor replied to me to create a new blog better than to update old one. When he suggested me so, I had already fixed it. I replaced some templates including the words “tag” and “search”. This may bully me the next time again. If it happens, I’ll make a new blog instead of using old one.

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