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At last, I reconstructed my blog tonight.

At last, I reconstructed my blog tonight.

Actually, my server’s main hard disk died on the fifth of October.

So, I made my notebook a temporary server. But until tonight, I couldn’t reconstruct my blog database. I googled the net by using my short free time. I finally did it. I am very happy now.

Btw, Ono Sensei has published a new short story on YomYom magazine, named “Rakushō no Goku(落照の獄)”. You guys have already known it, haven’t you?

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The answer is yes.
Last night, I made up my mind to translate both of ‘Hyōhaku’ and ‘Rakushō no Goku’ at the same time because I had restored my server finally and a few people visited my site by googling ‘Rakushō no Goku’.

Wow, I had read somewhere that there is a new JK story. Finally I find your site. Thank so much for deciding to translate it.

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