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fall has come this week. we had very very hot summer at our town. and it was still remaining in the middle of october, I guess. but suddenly we were getting cool. no, it is a little bit cold than cool.

in japan, many high schools have uniforms for students. traditionally, they order students to change from summer wear to winter wear on the first day of october. and changing from winter one to summer one is on the first day of june. we call it ‘koromogae’.

nowadays we use air-conditioner, we can control temperature in the room. so the time of ‘koromogae’ is not made clear. when i was a child, this custom remained strong.

the four seasons in Japan were very clear. our ancestors were agricultural people. they did various agricultural work together. they did many other practice all together, too. i think this made the basis of a japanese character. in those days, even clothes we did change together.

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