a trip to australia.#7

when i got up in the morning, the train was passing into the area of Blue Mountains. the scenery from the window had completely changed: mountains, valleys, streams like japan. but they all are so huge, which are very different from sceneries in japan.

the last breakfast on the indian pacific started around 8:00a.m. this time, we, my companion and i, were alone.
we arrived at the sydney central a little earlier than the scheduled time(10:15a.m.).

at the platform, bill came all the way to say good-bye. where were sylvia and others? we couldn’t see them at all.

i got some information of the hotel at the IC in the station. it takes about 5 minutes on foot. so we went to the hotel and asked to keep our luggages until the check-in time.

after that, we returned to the station again to obtain the free map and went to see the downtown area. i found the sushi-shop and bought makizushi. we had lunch on the bench at the hyde park. finishing lunch, we went to window shopping at downtown.

we were back to the hotel just before 2:00p.m. and asked if we were able to check-in or not. they answered ‘no problem’ to us. so we checked in.

after 3:00p.m., i decided to go to a movie. because my companion said that she was very tired and sleepy. i saw ‘die hard 4.0’. John McClane completely became one of an american comic hero through this series. the movie made us laugh by its incredible lucky-going.

after getting two pieces of pizza, i was back to the hotel just before 7:00p.m. my companion felt refreshed. i was in sydney and my cell phone were working, so i checked my e-mails. one of my acquaintance had sent the mail. it arrived yesterday afternoon. i sent the reply to her. she might not think my mail sent from australia.

blue_m1.jpg blue_m2.jpg

hyde_park1.jpg school.jpg

chess.jpg sydney_central.jpg

hyde_park2.jpg town_hall.jpg

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