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about obon.

obon ended. accordingly, i’ll return to my usual work tomorrow. i had 4 days off for obon.

nowadays we have obon from aug.13 to aug.15. it was originally held from jul.13 to jul.15. when a new calendar was adopted at jan.01.1873, people found gaps in the old and the new for about one month. so, they made to delay the time of obon one month. now, we called it ‘tsuki okure no obon’.

on my mother’s side of the family, we hold a big party every two years, which is sponsored by cousins. we also have one or two-day trip at the same time. in present japan, cousins associate like our family is very rare.

this year , aug.12, we, the group of 30 people, went to akiyoshidai in yamaguchi prefecture. akiyoshidai is very famous for the limestone cave named shuhodo. we returned from the trip and hold the party. we had a very nice time.

btw, obon is time when we worship our ancestors. we come to the grave and back the house with our ancestors’ spirits on aug.13. and we bring back spirits to the grave on aug.15.

obon is said a festivity originates from buddhism. but all buddhists in various countries don’t do the same style obon.

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