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Hotaru no haka.

i found this here. have you seen the drama on TV?

~ドラマ化に寄せて~ 原作者 野坂昭如





and i translated. i apology about my poor translation in advance.

‘The message for the drama’  From Nosaka Akiyuki

  I know the drama and the original novel are completely different productions.
  I, as the writer, am happy if my novel has a different role and can tell the disaster of the war to people who live now, 60 years after the end of WWII. People take “Hotaru no haka” as the story of the beautiful love between a brother and a sister during the cruel war (because of the animation). But in fact, I was survived, and in addition, not such a gentle elder brother. No one lived easily in that time. Man risked his life in the war and woman also struggled to survive.

  I had no experiences to attend the battlefield. I learned, however, the war the hard way, which made me a person who was destroyed and lost one’s home in air raids. What I must tell the generation in Japan today which has not experienced the war is the war creats noting and drives human’s judgment mad.

  For the young person in Japan today, the international situation and the national problem seem to be existence like the harmless cloud passes overhead of them. Even if they are not related to the war directly, they have relations each other someday. I think Japan is approaching the war little by little.
  It is a young generation who can have the serious vision of the future.
  Do not believe all content reported in the mass communication such as the newspapers and the televisions. First, doubt whether it is correct.
  Besides, a word is important. The opinion may be different. We must talk each other by using our own word. It will make a talk between countries.

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