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Search Console gave me “Security issues” again.


   Last night, I found Search Console gave me "Security issues(1)(2)(3)" again, when I logged on its HOME. This was the second times. Last time was on May 9.

   Both of them are not by something like malware but by my fault. orz

   The previous cause was the mojibake of this file which is corrected now. When I made the file, I edited it by a text editor. I replaced " " with " ", and I inadvertently did the " "s that are included in HTML tags. Then, that brought the mojibake. He-he-he. I tweeted about them like the below at the time. If you click the link, you can read other replies.

   This time, the cause was an empty directory named “.well-known”.
   The previous renew of the Let’s Encrypt certs did not work well, because the WordPress plugin “BPS” has more strict rules for Site Security.

   At the test, I made two or three “.well-known” directories here and there. After complete the renewal, I forget to delete one of them. And this brought me “Security issues”.

   I requested Google to check my site again around 1:30 am today. Google sent me “The review has been successfully completed” by an e-mail around 10 am today. Very good!!

   But recently, I have more mistakes like this, which gets me into trouble. Hmm.

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Sometimes, I receive a 404 error of a page that never exists, like index.asp.

Then oftentimes, the 404 I get is from pages index.html and some old pages.

But most of the errors are from pages that never exists.

Have you experienced this?

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