Some of the machines have been compromised, really??

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   Just before noon, I noticed I could not reach and the PHP 5.6.1 Zip was withdrawn from the site.

   What happened to the PHP official? After googling in the Internet, I found out the followings.

   Is this ShellShock’s side effect? Of course, it’s just my joking. But, what happened really? They withdrew the PHP 5.6.1 Zip, which means the file was affected by something malicious?

   When I install new files, I always check them up carefully. About the PHP 5.6.1 Zip, I did ordinary steps. However, I do check it up again. In my case, I think that is no problem but who can say it is 100% safe?

   They say nothing until now. When do they make the official announcement about it?

   Now 2:05pm JST, I found the PHP 5.6.1 Zip had come back. I don’t check the difference between the old and new Zip files. I have to get going, so I’ll check them up later. The official still makes no announcement.

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