I’ve got an email from No-IP.

Update information      Edit(Jul.11)

   I’ve got an email from No-IP because I use a No-IP domain for my net radio. Its title is ★ Update to Microsoft Takedown – All Domains Restored ★. Of course, it’s related to Microsoft takes on global cybercrime epidemic in tenth malware disruption“. The original article has gone, so I link to the history in The Internet Archive (2014.9.24).

The email from No-IP
The email from No-IP

   Hey! No-IP. Are you doing OK from now?

   Today, I have the second email from No-IP.

The email from No-IP
The email #2 from No-IP

   No-IP gives us more information on the page “Update: Details on Microsoft Takeover“.

   Anyway, congratulations for surviving, No-IP.

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