Upgrading from WinXpPro+SP3(x86) to Win7HP+SP1(x86).


   On 2014.Apr.8, Extended Support of Windows XP support ends completely, so I planed to change my server OS to CentOS until the day. But, fortunately, one of my friends gave me ‘Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Upgrade Edition for XP or Vista users’ DVD. I think this is no problem for a license. Because the friend doesn’t use this Win 7 anymore. Am I right?

   Immediately, I installed Windows7HP+SP1(x86) on HP xw4200 Workstation. This is a previous server machine. About this PC, I wrote some articles on the Japanese Blog.

   When you use the upgrade DVD, you need a target OS, of course. So, I installed WinXpPro+SP3(x86) first, and upgraded. By the way, when you upgrade from XP to 7, you have to choose Custom (advanced) type of installation.

   During upgrading, the PC gave me the next message several times. Grrr.
     ***Hardware Malfunction
     Call your hardware vendor for support
     NMI:Parity Check / Memory Parity Error
     ***The system has halted***

   I used Memtest86+ and checked it out, but I had no error.

   Fortunately, I found the page “***Hardware Malfunction Call your Hardware Vendor for Support NMI: Parity Check/Memory Parity Error *** The system has halted ***” at last. (PDF file here.)

   I tried and tested this solution, and then, I installed Windows7 completely. I am still afraid of the error above occurring. But, there is as yet no sign of error.

   Well, I got a Windows7 Desktop PC. Now, my weak heart thinks a Windows7 server instead of a CentOS server. Because, I am a Windows person. (^^;)

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