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Today’s flowers in my garden and in my house.

   Now, in my garden many kinds of flowers are in bloom. I’ll show you their photos.

   And, one of my family loves Ikebana, who picks the flowers from the garden and makes flower arrangements by them in the house. Please take a look!!

CIMG3693 CIMG3692 CIMG3691
CIMG3690 CIMG3689 CIMG3688
CIMG3687 CIMG3686 CIMG3685
オーニソガラム・シルソイデス CIMG3681 ムラサキカタバミ
CIMG3677 CIMG3675 CIMG3674
CIMG3700 CIMG3699 CIMG3698
CIMG3664 CIMG3694 CIMG3696 CIMG3697

2 replies on “Today’s flowers in my garden and in my house.”

They are very beautiful. Some of them I didn’t even know and other I can see here, which makes me feel very familiar.
Spring has definitively arrived over there!

Hi Delonix,

> Spring has definitively arrived over there!

Yeah, at that time! These few days, we have air temperature around 30℃ or more. Now our rainy season, we call it TSUYU (梅雨). It’s almost summer. Grrrrr, muggy.

But, this rainy season, we have less rain in my town, so I worry about shortage of water during high summer. Long rain is not my pleasure, but, shortage of water is much trouble.

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