I’ve re-translated “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”.

   As promised in my earlier post, I’m re-translating three short stories, Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥), Hyōhaku (漂舶), and Rakushō no Goku (落照の獄).

   I’ve finished the re-translation of “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, so, I’ve released my second edition. At this time, I added some phrases forgotten to translate (^^;) and I read my English version by myself again and again before my re-translation. You can find any improvements about this edition, can’t you? I worry about it very much.

   By the way, now, I use Prolonged Sound Mark for a long vowel when I romanize some nouns. For example, ō, ū.

   Oh! I almost forgot to write. Eugene Woodbury started translating “Tonan no Tsubasa (図南の翼)” on October 18, 2012. You can read it, here.