‘The day of the “Juuni kokuki”‘ special event is being held.

   As I wrote on the page Kirin tidings, the day of the “Juuni kokuki” special event is being held on the official site, from Dec/12 @12:00 to Dec/25 @20:00.

   When I visited there on Dec/12, the page response was very slow probably because a lot of access. Now, you can see the page easily.

   From the page, they say you can get an illustration for a cell-phone wallpaper or a postcard. It is a portrait of the two, Yōko(陽子) and Rakushun(楽俊), by Yamada Akihiro and available for a limited time until 2012/12/25 @20:00. Don’t miss it.

   >> The special event of the day of the “Juuni kokuki”

2 replies on “‘The day of the “Juuni kokuki”‘ special event is being held.”

Hi, O6asan,

I saw the image at the page, it is beautiful! I like very much the way he draws.

Merry christmas! 🙂

Hi, gkatar,
I haven’t seen you in awhile. How have you been doing?

> I saw the image at the page,

Oh! Can you make it? I’m happy to hear it, because it ends at 8PM tonight, Japan time.

> it is beautiful!

Yeah! Their roles on the illustration look different from usual. This Rakushun (楽俊) is childish a little and very adorable, and he hasn’t his ordinary intellectual-looking on this. d(^o^)

Merry Christmas from Japan! (^^)

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