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I’ve changed my mail form a little.

   Today, I added the next sentence to my mail form. Sometimes my support mail is marked as a spam because of its free mail address. One of my readers leaves a comment is O.K. because I can reply him/her on the blog post. But, when he/she contacts me by the mail form, I have to reply him/her by a private mail. At the time, a recipient ignores my reply due to it becoming a spam, which is a big trouble. If that happens, I have no way to touch him/her. So, I decide to make a notice in advance.

   Do you think it works?

| [Notice!]
|    I give a reply by a name ‘o6asan’, but it is sometimes marked as a spam.
|    So, please examine spams of your mailbox if you can’t get my reply. I will reply
| for one or two days. Even if I am very busy, I promise you I send a reply for you
| within ten days.
|    I send the reply with ‘Read Receipt’.
|    When I don’t have your ‘Return Receipt’, I write on the page like this,
| ”I replied(year/month/date) but I have no ‘Receipt’ about the contact(year/month/date)”.
| When you read it, please confirm your mailbox whether you have my reply among spams.
| If you find it, please send ‘Return Receipt’.
|    I resend the reply if I can hear from you when you find it has been deleted by the deletion
| setting of spams.

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