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The nightmare is finally over.

   Fortunately, the nightmare was just over as a nightmare. I heard a good news about the Chile mine accident. Yesterday, all thirty-three miners were safely back on the surface after spending 10 weeks underground. How happy they are!

   Until 70s, my home town had some coal mines. They naturally had some mine accidents for those years. Of course, it’s not natural for victim’s family. I’m surprised with these 33 miners surviving for as long as over two months. The mine is probably very very bigger than mines I imagine. So they would have been able to survive until now.

   Anyway, I want to say “Congratulations!!” for all people concerned.

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Hi long time no see 🙂
Yeah that’s a miracle, fortunately everyone is fine and they will have time to rest anr relax 😀
Actualy I wanted to make a litlle correction, the size of the mine wasn’t that big as you can imagine, they were all trap in the canteen of the mine, and it wasn’t quite big. The fall of the mine happened when they were eating so the otrers knew where to look for them. The problem was that the company didn’t have a lot of money and decided not to make the emergency exits :S
Anyways it was cool to see all the world supporting them. 🙂

Hi, gkatar. What have you been up to?
> the size of the mine wasn’t ……
Oh, yeah, I know about the canteen.
Actually, I wrote about my impression for the mine having the chamber of emergency i.e. the canteen.
It is about forty years ago the last mine in my home town stopped. So, I didn’t know about coal mines really. But even the largest one of ours hadn’t a chamber of emergency in itself.
I guess the mine probably has large space and a big tunnel, if they make such a room in it.
Anyway, even only one good news makes us happy. Don’t you think so?

Hi 🙂
(took me a time to answer, I’m studying so I have time for nothing)
Yes 😀 I think that news made the whole world happy
>But even the largest one of ours hadn’t a chamber of emergency in itself.
Oh, at least there, it’s law to have one, especially considering the earthquakes that happened before. …I considered the size pretty normal, but may be it’s me, I only know the mines of south America
>It is about forty years ago the last mine in my home town stopped
mm I thought Japan was mining country. At least talking about raw material
Have a nice day 🙂

Hi, my knowledge of mines is very out of date because I got it at my childhood. Besides mines are not familiar to me as there are no mines in my town anymore.
Today I’ve studied law about mines and found out the fact we also have a law about a chamber of emergency.
I think a mine in today’s Japan has a chamber of emergency.
> At least talking about raw material
What material do you think about? I can’t figure.
BTW, your comment increased my knowledge. Thanks.

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