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ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) —->> XMailServer

   I have always wanted to change my Mail Server because ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) which I use became an old-fashioned one. The old-fashioned means unsafe about its security. On 13th Sep, I had a large number of “Requested POP3 connection from” on the log file again. All of them failed to request because of using wrong password, but ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) is too undefended for it. I want some weapons. Besides, I’d like to learn about “SSL/TLS” and “port25 blocking” ……

   So, I’ve installed “XMailServer” today. If you need more details, please have a look below.
   ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware)からXMailServerへ。

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