private remark

My English.

   My mother tongue is Japanese and English is my second language. I think the difference between these two languages are huge. Learning German at my university days, I found out similarity of them, their words order, pronunciation, spelling and so on. When I was young, I was impressed by an European or an American speaking two or three languages. But looking back, it shouldn’t have been so admirable. That they do so is the same level as that I speak standard Japanese and my dialect.

   By the way, English is my second language. It is difficult for me still now. when I translate some, I am always confused. For example, there are two words which don’t have much different meaning, but one is positive and the other is negative, and I have no measure which is which. What can I do?

   On the other hand, “the” makes me sick. Do I need “the” here or there? Why does he/she use “the” with this word? I feel difficulty. If someone whose mother tongue is English reads my translation, he/she will notice some parts whose meanings are not clear. At that time, please let me know it without hesitation.