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WordPress3.8.1 Background Updates.

   This morning I had a update message about WordPress3.8.1 on my Dashboard. I checked the ChangeLog out and found this was a minor maintenance release. So, I tried to wait the feature Background Updates which were introduced in WordPress 3.7.

   I tested my multisite by Background Update Tester created by Then I had the result below.
Automatic background updates require a number of conditions to be met.

  PASS: Your WordPress install can communicate with securely.
  PASS: No version control systems were detected.
  PASS: Your installation of WordPress doesn’t require FTP credentials to perform updates.
  PASS: All of your WordPress files are writable.

This site is able to apply these updates automatically. Cool!
   I was waiting for Automatic Background Updates to finish. Finally, I had the email below.
Subject : Your site has updated to WordPress 3.8.1 (2014.1.24 20:13)
Message :
  Howdy! Your site at http://MySite has been updated automatically to WordPress 3.8.1.

  No further action is needed on your part. For more on version 3.8.1, see the About WordPress screen:

  If you experience any issues or need support, the volunteers in the support forums may be able to help.

  The WordPress Team
   Mission complete! Clap Clap.

   However, this feature remind me that we always need to watch out our PC environments. If the features like this are used by malevolent things, we might be given a lot of malwares.


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