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The translation of the new info about Juuni Kokuki.

   Hi, everyone!! I tried to translate the main part of this. I’m glad this satisfies your curiosity a little.

   Ono Fuyumi’s spectacular fantasy “Juuni Kokuki” comes back again!

  1. The first publication in July 2012 — 3 books will be published at the same time!
    • “Demon’s Child (魔性の子)” by a new edition.
    • “Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow (月の影 影の海)” – set of 2 books – in Shinchōsha paperbacks.
  2. From the “beginning” to the “new title”, you can have this entire series by Shinchōsha new release!
    • “Demon’s Child (魔性の子)”, published in 1991, is real beginning of “Juuni Kokuki”, and the series sold more than 750,000 7,500,000 copies after their release. We will publish all of them and a long‐awaited new title in Shinchōsha paperbacks. (You can get about the news here. <<—-This is only in Japanese.)
  3. Yamada Akihiro draws the cover and 5 new illustrations for each new edition!
    • These beautiful illustrations enhance this attractive world more and more.


THE PUBLISHING SCHEDULE (Unfortunately they are all Japanese books.):

  • “Demon’s Child (魔性の子)” and “Shadow of the Moon, Sea of the Shadow (月の影 影の海)” in July
  • “Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth (風の海 迷宮の岸)” in October
    To be continued.

Sorry, it’s not 750,000 copies but 7,500,000 copies.

If you want some news about Shinchōsha’s new editions of Juuni Kokuki, please see here.


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  • Thank you so much for the translation! You're the best!
    As I expected, there's a lot more waiting, but still it's great news to know about a new book.
    I'm so excited, and impatient. I should go cool my head.
    If you don't mind, I'm going to post this in the Juuni_kokki community at livejournal:
    Thanks again!

    • My pleasure. I think I should have done it long before.

      I don't mind if you post there. Go ahead.

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